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I think it is a note of history in one aspect of the wedding photography. I think so, because it seems to me that the subject is not just images that are photographic. Beyond being successful visuals, they should be a cross-section of life and contain intensity of emotion and meaning.

Yes, wedding photos are a note of history about ourselves, about our loved ones. because one of the most important decisions of human life, marriage decision; is to decide with whom to spend the remaining life.

Moreover, there is love and hope in this decision. In the future, children will join this small loving and loving partnership, with this participation, the most important records of experiences will be our photos and videos.

Our photos and videos are witnesses of emotional, cheerful, happy or excited experiences, and moments that have been accepted as nostalgia with the passing time. In this sense, in order for the photograph to fulfill its mission, it must capture the spirit of that moment while the main record falls.

Just as the shooting methods used by the cinema director who took a cinema scene to bring the spirit in the script to the scene are extremely important for the story and narration, the approaches in the photography are similar to this approach, but with a difference.

While the cinema director’s environment is fiction, the environment recorded by the photographer is largely real and the photographer is more fortunate than the director. Because what he has to do rather than fiction is just to get the right record. The actors on the stage are real and are in real emotions at that moment.

While we are taking our films and photos, we try to make our recordings with a director approach, but with the feeling of witnessing a friend and a friend. Every new acquaintance is a new movie, every shot is new stories and new friendships for us.

We hope that your life is lived in the taste of the movies you love and we share your happiness and excitement with you when you need it.



           Recalling a special moment will be much more exciting and happy thanks to the photos. Photographs are our most important documents to experience and remember our happiest or most emotional moments over and over again.

We remember our first pet, cute memories of our infancy, our friends in high school, a holiday we made, with photos, we feel those moments again and live again and again. Looking at the photograph is an intense emotional behavior.

         Can we look at a photo for a long time? . If we can look, what features does this photo deserve this attention? I do not think that the answers to this question are wedding photographs taken with classical approaches, and flashy wedding albums.

I must say that I am really curious about the photos of those who claim otherwise.

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As a result of the photographer’s discourses that started as “the most important day of your life …”; Despite the skin, cover, even the latest techniques and light used in the photo album you bought from the photographer, there is something that does not satisfy the human spirit.

Yes, what is missing is missing in today’s songs, shopping, neighborhood, friendship. And we cannot cover this gap with more investment or technology. More production, more equipment, more investment, more, more, more … but the result does not change to cover the lack of photography in this sense.

Looking at our wedding photos does not excite us as much as looking at photos that we have forgotten and then remembered when we saw them in the other place.

So we have to change the direction of the search. Yes, I’m talking about the soul. From the spirit of work.

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Our most favorite photos to look at; Is it not the photographs that suddenly appear that take us away from us and take us back to the past? Yes, people love surprises, the unusual thing, even if it is old, that it sees new.

Likes photos that always keep fresh and reflect emotions that are experienced again and again. These are the details I want in my photos.
So what is the decor of this year’s fashion, or a lot of new fashion decoration materials that everyone is committed to putting in their squares?

Ok, let’s put them together in our pictures. until two years later, the newly released decors made them outdated. So are the aging just decors? Or will they take our photos with them while they are out of fashion and take them to the old and dusty shelves with them?

Giving the right to the photo, giving yes, what supreme behavior. But to give the world a distant word today. so much we got used to getting it. Photographs should not take anything from us while they are obsolete; on the contrary, as time goes by, surprises should offer us memories, happiness.



Taking a wedding photo isn’t one of the most important jobs in the world, but it can be one of the most fun jobs in the world.
As a photographer, I like to work with couples who take this approach.
Life is a day, that is today.

Although his philosophy does not seem to be a very appropriate approach to a photographer, I think it is exactly that.

Remember, while remembering your past days with varying emotions, you are actually watering the sprouts of that day, or you are shaded under the big plane trees.


No matter who takes your photo, you can even take it with a mobile phone, it is the emotion that the photo must have in order to be included in your life.
I think we have indirectly explained the reason why Lomo photos are getting more value.

Have plenty of delicious photos and stay healthy.

In the meantime, attach your thoughts on the subject below; think of it as notes and delightful posts. This will make me happy.


            Why wedding photos should not be taken on the wedding day;

It would be better to think of wedding photography shots by nature of the job, not as a job to be done, but as the sharing environment of happy moments.

Therefore, it is more enjoyable to create with pleasure and wide time, not in a hurry or in a panic atmosphere. The best time to shoot can be planned at a time near the wedding, when excitement is at its peak, but panic is not yet dominant.

In this way, the maximum efficiency will be obtained from the photos and the wedding day will be focused on the wedding, and the chance to have a more comfortable and happy wedding will be obtained.